Affirming Church Series

What does it mean that Sunnyvale Pres is an Affirming Church?

Here are conversations we've held to learn more about how Christ has called us to be loving, welcoming and affirming of queer people in our congregation. 

Gay and Christian?

One member's exploration to reconcile his faith and his sexuality

Recorded June 9, 2024

Amber Cantorna-Wylde

Amber Cantorna-Wylde, the daughter of an executive at Focus on the Family, shares her story of hurt and rejection by her family and the Church and how she has used her experiences to become an advocate for healing and hope among the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. 

Recorded January 25, 2024

Telling it Like It Is

What’s it like being a queer person in the Bay Area? A panel of LGBTQ+ folks will share their stories and experiences.  This event is sponsored by the LGBTQ+ Youth Space in San Jose.

Recorded May 3, 2023


Wondering what all the letters mean? Are you confused about the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity? Why do some people use they/them pronouns and what does that mean? And how does using pronouns on our nametags show love and support? Speaker Carol Heath identifies as a fierce, mama bear ally to the queer community and leads a group for friends and family members of LGBTQ+ folks.

Recorded February 12, 2023

Amber Cantorna's Story

Amber Cantorna, most widely known as the gay daughter of a 30-year Focus on the Family executive, lost everything when she came out in 2012. This all-too-often narrative has made Amber passionate about dissolving shame, fostering self-acceptance, and generating messages of hope for LGBTQ+ people and their families, especially those from conservative faith backgrounds.

Recorded September 14, 2022

What Does the Bible Say About Being Gay?

Let’s dig into the scriptures with the Rev. Nancy Brink to discover what the 6 verses that seem to speak to this topic really have to say. Bring your Bibles and let’s learn together.

Rev. Nancy Brink is the Director of Church Relations at Chapman University in Orange, CA since January 2009. She leads a group of just over 60 Disciples and UCC students at this Disciples-related university.

Recorded September 15, 2021

Legal Rights of Queer People

The sixth in our series. People who care about queer people need to know and care about their legal rights. Whether it’s gay marriage, employment discrimination, or transgender health treatments, the decisions of courts and legislatures have a profound impact on the lives of queer people. This program will explore the unique legal issues that queer people face, the advances that have been made in recent years, the challenges that lay ahead, and the role of the church in protecting these rights.

Rev. Michael Kirby has been a leader in the PC(USA) on issues of marriage equality. He was a practicing lawyer in Texas before entering the ministry. Rev. Kirby will be interviewed by Barry Vickrey, Discipleship lead elder and a retired law professor.

Recorded April 29, 2021

Telling Our Stories

The second in our series on Becoming An Affirming Church. Hear stories from five different people in our church who have experienced many different responses from family and from the church as they chose to reveal their authentic selves.

Recorded September 22, 2020

What is an Affirming Church?

Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, former moderator of the General Assembly of the PC(USA) and current Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, shared about First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto’s journey to becoming an affirming church (and ultimately a More Light Church).

Recorded August 19, 2020