CARAVAN (Mission Trip)

CARAVAN 2022 Chicago

Sunnyvale Pres Youth Mission Trip

July 16–24, 2022 • Housing Segregation & the Pandemic

How has housing segregation influenced the way we view each other? In July of 2022, SVPC Youth Ministry will head to the Southside of Chicago, IL to learn from community members about the effects of segregation and institutionalized racist city policies that has kept Chicago, IL as one of the most segregated cities in the country. We hope to return with concrete tools to address our own version of housing issues here in the Bay Area so that we have eyes to see the ways we segregate our lives from each other each day. With two years of hindsight, we will explore how the pandemic has worsened these systems, both in Chicago and at home. We’ll visit community organizations working on beautification projects on the Southside, learn about Chicago’s unique political and cultural landscape, and study what the Bible has to say about segregation (see sidebar for details). Register here:

Study Focus

What does the Bible have to say about segregation? Using the Genesis’ Tower of Babel as our lens, we’ll explore God’s intention for difference in our world—and how we might have messed it up along the way.

Build Bronzeville

Through entrepreneurship, culinary and historic spots, and environmental beautification, Build Bronzeville works to restore a historic Chicago community to the vibrant hub of Black culture/commerce it once was.

Chicago Food

Food is an important opportunity to intersect with community members on mission trips, so food, done in its uniquely cultural Chicago style, will be integral to our trip!

Awareness Opportunities:

Be on the lookout for…WINE & Cheese & DOCUMENTARIES in the fall of 2022

We had such a successful Wine & Cheese & Documentaries screening during our remote CARAVAN experience in 2020 that we hope to bring it back in the fall of 2022 as an awareness raising event that reflects back on our trip. Until then, we will not be fundraising for this trip, but will use our SVPC Youth Ministry funds to subsidize this year’s experience. Keep an eye out for our adults-only fundraiser for wine, cheese, fresh-baked bread, and a documentary as a hopeful for fall 2022.


Questions about our mission trip? Send youth ministry an email.