Adult Classes and Bible Studies

Bible Studies



Sunday Morning Bible Study

Barry Vickrey <>Sundays ● 8:45–9:45 a.m. ● via ZOOM

Taught by various leaders


Join us for this popular Sunday morning study. The class will use a standard set of questions to explore the scripture reading for that Sunday. The study will emphasize new insights on how the scripture relates to everyday life. Discussion questions:

• What is the main point of this passage?

• What new insight do I find in this reading of this text?

• How is this passage true or not true to my experience?

• What problems do I have with this passage?

• What are the implications of this passage for my life?


Check the church calendar or email Barry Vickrey at for contact information.

Presbyterian Women's Bible Study Circles

There are five monthly Bible study circles in Presbyterian Women. One of them should fit your schedule.

For more information email:

Men's Bible Studies

Tuesday Morning Men's Bible Study

6:30 –7:30 a.m. Room 304 (Building 300)


Friday Morning Men's Bible Study

6:30 –7:30 a.m. Room 304 (Building 300)


Other Classes

SVPC Youth 2021 College Panel

There are lots of books to read or classes to attend to understand more about the college process, but sometimes the most valuable information comes from your friends who have been through the process. We assembled a wonderful group of parents and students from SVPC who “survived” the college selection and admittance process. Each brought their unique experience and perspective as they decided what was next after high school, and shared their stories and knowledge with students and families that will go through this process soon.