Land Use Exploratory Committee

As a community of faith, we have been called by Jesus to respond to the needs of our neighbors. For many years we have supported the homeless and housing insecure in our area. Recently, we have recognized another need—below-market-rate housing—for those who work/serve our community (teachers, nurses, grocery workers, public safety officers, etc.), but are priced out of being able to live in the neighborhood in which they serve.

In response to this need, the church session (our leadership body) has commissioned SVPC's Ministry Resources team to assemble an exploratory committee to examine our land use—specifically to determine if our campus could support the development of below-market-rate housing. We are in the early stages of an exploration that is likely to take years, and that will hold space for a lot of congregational and community input. No real plans or decisions are imminent. The point of the exploratory committee is to identify what impactful options our congregation can explore and consider.

We pray that this process will help us discover inspiring and powerful ways we can be reaching out to our community to reflect Christ’s self-giving love—ways that will make an undeniable impact in the lives of individuals and our whole neighborhood. We look forward to see the possibilities that God will reveal.

Please contact Jim Shaver for questions and more information.