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2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 7 pm

Community Dinner @ 6 pm in Fellowship Hall

Join us in the newest expression of worship at Sunnyvale Pres!  Dynamic, meaningful, engaging, and welcoming worship is an important foundation for our life together at Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church. As we continue to grow in our understanding of God through the perspectives of folks whose voices have been marginalized in our society and our own congregation, we also want to worship using music, language, and perspectives that reflect our fuller understanding of God and humanity. 


The Modern Worship Collective is an evolving worship gathering with songs, poems, prayers, and all sorts of other worship resources with progressive theologies. We want to feed the souls of folks who love contemporary worship but also yearn to be free from systems that do not fully value or include the perspectives of women, LGBTQIA+ folks, and people of color. 


If you are a musician, writer, worship leader, community activist, or just anyone who cares about worship that is modern and justice-minded, then we hope you will consider joining us to worship in different forms. Story-telling, prayer, art, small group discussions and community meals are all part of this worship experience, which is different each week. Join us as we continue to create meaningful worship together!


All of what we experience is determined by the gifts you bring. We gather on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings of the month at 7 pm. Dinner (we do the cooking, just show up!) and time to connect starts at 6 pm.


Come to talk, pray, and share your struggles, grief, joys, and hopes. We look forward to the refreshing new worship experiences we will encounter together!

Co-create with us!

If you are interested or want to information to pass on to others, please contact Hardy Kim or Heather Nielsen.

MWC Resources

My Father's Cigarette Butt as Sacrament from Sacraments of Life: Life of the Sacraments by Leonardo Boff


Schoolteacher as Sacrament from Sacraments of Life: Life of the Sacraments by Leonardo Boff

MWC Lyrics & Prayers

The Mother

Heart of Worship

There’s a Peace I’ve Come To Know

Plowshare Prayer

Easy Silence