Restoration Bible Study

Join us for an evening of conversations sparked by the NEXT Church National Gathering.


Each evening, we will discuss the topics covered in the videos from NEXT Church. You are invited to watch the videos and review the discussion questions ahead of time. For those who haven't had a chance to preview the videos, join us 30 minutes early to watch the videos together.


Evening Schedule:

6:30 p.m. — video viewing

7 – 8 p.m. — discussion


Wednesday, July 20

Sessions 1 & 2 (Restoration as Renewal, and Restoration as Rest)

Wednesday, August 10

Sessions 3 & 4 (Restoration as Resistance, and Restoration as the Whole Truth)

Wednesday, August 31

Sessions 5 & 6 (Restoration as a New Thing, and Restoration as Rejoicing)

The resource materials are copyright-protected, so use is limited to these discussion events only. Do not replicate or share the materials outside the context of this series. To request the password, please email or call the Front Desk at 408-739-1892.

About Restoration Bible Study

This year’s edition of “Conversations from NEXT Church” come to us from the same great network of Presbyterian leaders and friends who are always seeking a more dynamic, more just, and ever practical understanding of our faith and our traditions. We’ll be using materials adapted from the most recent NEXT Church national gathering, that have been put into this Bible Study format:


In a world of surface level self-care practices, what does the Bible say about faithful restoration? The Restoration Bible Study features three church leaders from diverse backgrounds, contexts, and theological lenses who seek to answer that question. Journey with these leaders through a Bible study video series and accompanying reflection guides. Topics include sabbath, environmental justice, inequities around rest, racial justice, post-pandemic church life, and the tension between tradition and vision.


We look forward to having these important conversations together with you!