Special Offerings

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church participates in church-wide Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (USA) that are a collective witness to Jesus Christ's love for the whole church. The One Great Hour of Sharing, and Peace & Global Witness Offering play an important role in defining what it means to be a connectional church. Over the years these offerings have provided ways for individuals and congregations to join together with each other and in partnership with other Christians in responding to a variety of concerns.

Every year 100% of the Christmas Eve Offering is donated to local and international mission partners who are serving the poor, hungry, homeless, oppressed, and afflicted.

Current Campaign

Peace and Global Witness Offering

Peace and Global Witness. Since 1949, Presbyterians have joined with millions of other Christians through special offerings to share God’s love with people experiencing need. Recognizing that the hope we have in Christ is lived out in our hope for one another, we respond with gifts that help our siblings around the world find hope for a brighter future. The Peace & Global Witness Offering is received during the Season of Peace which begins in September 4 and ends on World Communion Sunday, October 2, 2022.


The 2022 recipients of the P&GW special offering are Syrian Refugee Ministry, led by Rev. Laurie Krause and Moms Demand Action. Thank you for your support!

Other Special Offerings

One Great Hour of Sharing is a multi-denominational offering that makes the love of Christ real for individuals and communities around the world who suffer the effects of disaster, conflict, or severe economic hardship, and for those who serve them through gifts of money and time. Today, projects are underway in more than 100 countries, including the United States and Canada. While specific allocations differ in each denomination, all use their One Great Hour of Sharing funds to make possible disaster relief, refugee assistance, development aid and more.


One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) gives to three specific ministries of the church: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), Pesbyterian Hunger Program and Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People.

Give now, using Tithely or PayPal. Be sure to designate your gift to "One Great Hour of Sharing." Thank you for your generosity!

Bread for the World Offering of Letters

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church is a member of Bread for the World,  which works to organize communities and individuals to speak up about hunger and poverty. Advocacy is hard work, and sometimes the victories do not come right away. But Bread for the World has been doing advocacy for decades and has the expertise, experience, and track record for bringing hope and opportunity to people in the U.S. and abroad. 


Each year, people of faith write letters and emails to their members of Congress who have the power to impact the policies and programs that can end hunger. By taking part in Bread for the World’s 2022 Offering of Letters, you will help make nutrition for mothers and children a priority in our own country and abroad. Here are two ways you can take action:


Help children in the U.S. More than 12 million children in the U.S. are not getting enough to eat. Urge your members of Congress to enact policies that strengthen and protect child nutrition programs and refundable tax credits. Take action here.


Help address global hunger. After steadily declining for a decade, global hunger is on the rise. Malnutrition is the leading risk factor for death among children globally, accounting for 45 percent of all child deaths—losses that are almost entirely preventable. Take action here.

2021 Christmas Eve Offering

Every year, 100% of the Christmas Eve Offering is donated to local and international mission partners who are serving the poor, hungry, homeless, oppressed, and afflicted. The needs of these communities are overwhelming. The Mission & Service ministry team has chosen two organizations to split the 2021 Christmas Eve offering:


Pie Ranch is an educational, nonprofit organization located in the Pescadero area that helps small scale farmers, students, and food insecure community members. Their mission is to cultivate a healthy and just food system from seed to table through food education, farmer pathways, and regional partnerships.


Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley is an organization working for the local resettlement of Afghan refugee families. JFS SV assists people entering the U.S. with Special Immigrant Visas, given to those who helped the Americans during the war.


These two groups inspire us. Through our Christmas Eve offering, we can make a difference in the lives of many. Thank you for being a congregation that cares.


Online donations can be made via Tithely or PayPal (be sure to designate your payment to "Christmas Eve.")