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At Sunnyvale Pres we welcome all youth (6th – 12th grade) to fully participate in all areas of the church, whether it's in worship, fellowship or service.

CARAVAN Mission Trip

Fire Disaster Relief in Paradise, CA

July 23–29, 2023

We’re going to spend a week helping to repair and rebuild homes in areas affected by the 2018 “Camp” Fire in Northern California. We will be working in partnership with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (the disaster and refugee relief ministry of the national Presbyterian church).


Sunday Morning Worship

10 am Every Sunday

This is our weekly traditional worship service. Youth are encouraged to attend and participate by reading scripture, offering prayers, singing in the choir, etc.

Modern Worship Collective

6:30 pm • 2nd & 4th Wednesdays

The Modern Worship Collective seeks to be more contemporary, participatory and youth-centered.


FLASH & CLUE Sundays

10:30 am Most Sundays

This is our  main gathering each week for FLASH (middle school) & CLUE (high school). Each gathering we’ll eat good food and enjoy a fun activity while checking in and finding ways for God’s grace and beauty to break-in. Activities include: cooking, art, movies, gaming, sports, and picnics.

Campfire at The Well

6:30 - 7:30  pm • Wednesdays, Once a Month (check events calendar)

Once a month, we'll gather around a campfire, have dinner, roast marshmallows and check in.


FLASH & CLUE Sundays

No gathering February 12 & 19.

FLASH & CLUE Sundays: Grill & Chill

Sunday, February 26 @ 11:30 pm

Phoenix Center Patio

Join us this Sunday for a grilled lunch on the patio with games and convo.

Campfire At the Well

Wednesday, March 1 @ 6:30 pm

Phoenix Center Patio

Join us for dinner, s'mores, and check-ins around the campfire.

FLASH & CLUE Sundays: God at the Movies — Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

Sunday, March 5 @ 11:30 pm

FLASH Youth Room, Phoenix Center

Join us for a viewing and discussion of the movie, Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. Lunch provided.

Youth Group Theological Expectations & Community Norms 

• We seek to always make God bigger, our theology deeper, and our love for the world wider.


• We agree to use expansive language about God.


• We agree to see each child in the programming as a child of God.


• We agree to model adulthood authentically. We consent to learn in public and be honest about our doubts. We don’t have all of the answers and we know faith is often messy and ambiguous.


• Use a restorative (not punitive) justice model when it comes to discipline: we repair where harm has been done and heal together as a community.


• We agree to honor difference and mystery in our theology.


• We reject all forms of language about people that is ageist, racist, sexist, and othering.